WIP(?): Truck City Update 3

Hi all,

It’s been more than a month since the last blog post I did for launching the game.

Here, I would like to talk about a few things:

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WIP: Truck City Update 2

Hi all again…

From now on, I’ll write Truck City Updates in English, if possible.

Why? Well, because what started as a little project it’s consuming more and more time, and also it’s morphing from a little casual indie game into a little casual serious indie game. And by serious I mean… I’ve got some plans for it! (and Hopes). And all that needs a little of broad appeal, so English it is!

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WIP: Truck City Update

Hola de nuevo!

He terminado un paso importante en el desarrollo de Truck City: He añadido un Asset llamado PicaVoxel. Este me ha dado la libertad de trabajar con mas soltura con Voxels… No solo eso si no que con MagicaVoxel he podido crear varios edificios de decorado. Con esto termina la parte de decorado por ahora (la cual me ha llevado un tiempo). Aunque no hay mucho por ahora, hay lo suficiente para continuar con el desarrollo.

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