Alien Rush

Alien Rush



Unity Package => .unitypackage

Project Settings => .rar

Full Project (Con Build) => .rar

Documentation of the Project (Spanish) =>  link (DropBox)

(You can download the .unitypackage + Project Settings and create the game by importing the package and replacing the Project Settings of a new Project in Unity)

Alien Rush is the game I created as a final course project for the Superior Course of Programming on Unity3D (CPA San Valero).

This is a Multiplayer Bullet Hell Arena Shooter. Created using Unity3D + UNET.

The game consists on a Multiplayer Menu, based on the Class “NetworkLobbyManager” (UNET) with a custom Interface. It features name, hero, team and map selection (map only for the host).


On the other hand, the Main Game scene (the project only had 1 map), consist on a close quarters map created in Voxel, where players can shoot each other.

The main mechanics are:

  • Shoots that bounce of walls, gaining speed, damage and size in the process; with a hard cap of maximum bounces and travel time.BulletHellAlienRush
  • Pushes and explosions that send enemy players away (Mine, Baseball Bat, or big enough bullets). For that, there are 2 controllers with which the player controls its character: the “Exact” Controllers, based on a CharacterController + Move formula, and “Inexact”, based on a Rigidbody + AddForce formula. When a Player get pushed, or gets blast away, it’s controller switch to “Inexact” until he or she manages to take back control.


With this Project I learnt the virtues and imperfection of UNET, as well as how to use it, As well as I improved my skills with Mechanim, UI, camera, controllers and more…