WIP(?): Truck City Update 3

Hi all,

It’s been more than a month since the last blog post I did for launching the game.

Here, I would like to talk about a few things:

First, the game Beta Launch and the Amudev Beer & Testing event.

The Beta Launch was alright since the player base was fairly small. The majority of the people did not make it to the last 2 levels, but some very small amount of people did, and they DID tell me that they wanted more! That feels good! And I DO want to finish this more than ever! Thanks!


Beer and Truck City


Truck City in Amudev

On the other hand, a week after Launch, the Amudev Beer & Testing Event happened. Amudev is the Video-Game Developer Asociaton from Murcia (AMUDEV) in the old Spain. The day 17 of November we did a Beer & Testing event on a e-sport bar over Murcia.

There, I presented Truck City to the testers and met lots of people. The presentation was a success and the reception of the game was overall good. Also I got something very important: Feedback! I’ll talk about the issues I encountered via Feedback later.

Regarding Amudev I’m part of it and maybe in the future I’ll do some kind of tutorial or workshop for Unity3D beginners (I would really like! but read the next paragraph).

Secondly, Truck City’s and Myself  current status.

Good news everyone! I got a job! It’s a temporal one (If lucky is a permanent one) but it’s something! Also it’s quite away from home (like half Spain away), in Madrid the big city. Here, I find myself really tired to really get myself into programming and not very often I do after the job. Specially because I’m with my laptop in Madrid, my main PC is back in Murcia. Nonetheless and thanks to GitHub I continue the work on Truck City from time to time. I’ll definitely continue when I get fired (or if I get permanent, ill find myself a permanent place and get my PC to Madrid).

About Truck City’s, After Amudev’s event I found few main problems with Truck City:

  • I saw people hitting hard the screens of my tablets trying to rotate a road that has a truck on top. Currently, roads cannot be rotated with a truck on top.
  • Also the tutorial is garbage. Make the user read and he or she will lose all interest on the game and uninstall. And that’s just what Truck City currently has.
  • Lastly: The difficulty curve suddenly goes through the roof.

Currently I’m working on a better “Truck turning system“. The truck now has a animation for turning, instead of “Instant turn 90 degrees”. The Road also has a animation when rotating or changing direction (even the purple one!) And finally the truck “sticks” to the road and rotates with it when clicked, giving the player the ability to rotate roads with truck on top!. Of course this will be “nerfed” (what i have in mind is: you can only rotate a road once if it has a truck on top, then you  have to wait until the truck leaves the road). This solves the first problem mentioned above and the game feels better.

About the second and third problem: The tutorial is very important for me. I’m planning on redesign the first few levels to be much easier and to feature some really easy puzzle with specific roads, and no texts. Also thinking a new game mode: “Scripted” where the level progression is carried via a custom script to allow for more fluid tutorials, like “go here”, “pick this”, “go there” (and arrows or hands pointing pictures) and everything explained while playing.

At this point I would really like to have addressed this issues already in a cool new build buuuuut… work work!

Later ideas for the game:

  • New art: Ditch the current 3D voxel art and place pixel art blobbing buildings. Also Ditching in the process the 3D mode (current High mode)
  • New music and sounds: Also a bit criticized by testers. Music is good it doesn’t match the game style. Sound assets are barebones.
  • Characters and maybe “mascot”: this is a really long term, adding a character, mascot and maybe a villain (I have all sort of ideas).

Thanks for reading and keep trucking!

PS: Remenber you can register for Truck City Android BETA here: https://mecze-entertainment.com/truck-city-android-beta-registration/


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