WIP: Truck City Update 2

Hi all again…

From now on, I’ll write Truck City Updates in English, if possible.

Why? Well, because what started as a little project it’s consuming more and more time, and also it’s morphing from a little casual indie game into a little casual serious indie game. And by serious I mean… I’ve got some plans for it! (and Hopes). And all that needs a little of broad appeal, so English it is!

So, maybe, for the new viewer I’ll have to start from the beginning:

Truck City is a Project of mine about a Mobile Game (Android for the moment, iOS might come later) about delivering Cargo from point A to point B using Trucks. The player does not control the Trucks directly, instead he or she will be able to rotate certain roads to change the route of the Trucks. That’s easy enough! And also the control scheme is perfect for a Touch Device: You touch a road to rotate it, and that’s it!


This is the “Hint Screen” of the game.

Development wise: One of the objectives I’ve put myself into is: Make the game Modular

Which means, everything you see on the screen above is a standalone Square of 1*1*1  with something on top and all of it works on a prefab basis of drag the prefab, drop it into the scene, set the position, and it works! magic! (with little configuration needed). This means, a person with no coding skills can develop new levels and maps!

For example, the roads register themselves into a “Map” which is check later by the Trucks to turn, rotate o drive forwards. Or the Factory buildings (the ones on the 4 corners of the screenshot above) Drop the prefab, select if it accepts or produces Cargo, the direction it does from/to and the amount of money/time to produce, The rest is carried by scripting itself:


Factory with multiple entries / exits (arrow and cargo icons are created via scripting).

Another thing to note is: The Looks

I’ll start with two screenshots:


Old Truck City


October’s Truck City

The difference of the two is… One Month!

But not only that, look the Buildings, all of them hand-crafted using  MagicaVoxel (and more are needed, but other things are ahead of that!).

Also for the purpose of credits, I’m using some little Assets, namely the people and other little props, from MikeJudge Asset Package: Mini Mike’s Mini Metros – Core Collection. But I will, slowly, retiring ’em (as I did with the buildings). Still, the inspiration it’s from him and so goes the credit! And also from famous buildings around the world, like the Manhattan Building or Portland’s. Do you recognize them in the screenshot above? Architecture is fun!

Another difference is the UI. REALLY hard work has been invested on that!, even though I used NGUI Framework and helped myself with an Atlas already full with Images from an Asset Skin for NGUI.

Another major difference, which currently stills on development is the Sound Effects and Music. Currently I’m working on a SFX Framework that plays, stops, fades in or out sounds and songs with a single command line. The Framework itself it’s done, but I’m implementing it into the game right now.

The Sound Assets, for now, are going to be 8bit made with sfxr (and Bfxr). But the Music! I got permission to use Dynamite Grizzly’s Canterlot Siege 4 album, which was used on CS4 Flash Game, as a “place-holder” music for now. This is, more or less, the kind of feeling I want on Truck City: Little bit of tension, easy going, and techno/urban progressive; see Jazz Hero song for example (I’m not very good at describing music :D). Not all the songs of the album fit perfectly with what I have in mind, but it’s a good way to start, and Dynamite’s songs are really good!

Lastly I want to show all I’ve said above on a video:

As you can see, a lot needs to be done still.

Once I finish with the SFX of the game I’m Going to start a branch of development to clean and revisit some scripts, and add more graphical and sound details, like “time is running out” mechanic for the timer, a few new assets (specially for the factory). After that the Plan is to create some levels, and some of them with extra mechanics… Somebody said a irritatingly slow ice cream truck that takes no cargo? That will be fun!

Thanks for reading through here!

See you!



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